Liam Hegarty

Who is this guy?

Liam Hegarty is the name and software is the game. I'm a regular high-tech low-life. I've got high uptime and I'm coming down fast. I'm off the wagon, on the clock, under the radar and charging for over time. Shallow as they come and completely out of my depth.

My BMI is skyrocketing and my KPIs are plummeting. My doctor says I can't sprint for crap and that my cycle time is the worst he's ever seen. I got a Retro plan for my room full of Hetero men. My software is Agile and my ego is Fragile. My therapist said I needed to express myself to help with repressed feelings and depressed mood ceilings. So I started this blog because I'd rather ramble about Java than have an honest conversation with my emotionally distant father.